Shopping Cart demo

Demonstarting the shopping cart feature.

Shopping Cart

You can add custom HTML content in the Shopping Cart box through the Settings → Tiger → Sections → Shopping Cart → Instructions → Notice in the box box.

Please do not finish the payment! These are not real products, it's only a demonstration.

Rice paper lantern Using individual shop option: 10x10x30cm=10 This code should be inserted in the Edit mode → Image data → Shop options box
1Rice paper lantern
Painting (ink on rice paper) Default (or global) shop options This item=5+1 which means its price is US$ 5, the shipping cost is US$ 1
2Painting (ink on rice paper)
Grass lantern Using the defaut shop options, but has an idividual 20% discount
3Grass lantern
LED lantern This has a quantity cap of 1
4LED lantern