Preparing the album

The skin's filtering and sort feature is based on variables. Although there are a few variables readily available in jAlbum, you might want to add your custom variable(s) you can base filtering on. This can be done through the Edit mode → Variables panel, see right!

I added brand and color as custom variables, and used jAlbum's price variable in the Description panel. The newer versions of Photoblogger and Tiger allows using this "price" variable to be used as single shop option. If multiple options are needed, you can still use the old method through the Image data → Shop options box.

The tags – like "sports" and "hiking" – were added as keywords. Switch to Keywords mode in Explore view, and add the tags below the thumbnails separated by commas. Refer to jAlbum's help for more help.

Although this example shows a shopping cart combined with filtering and sort options, you don't have to use a shopping cart to enjoy filtering.

Note, sometimes jAlbum does not save the custom variables if you just go to the next image. Make sure to press Enter or place the cursor in a new box before navigating away from the current photo!

Set up filtering

We can now set up the Filtering and Sort parameters. Head to Settings / Photoblogger / Sidebar / Filtering and Sort! You can add the variables we defined above, one by one. Make sure to use the exact same name – same case – you used in the Variables panel. Select the proper data type! Adding the currency in parenthesys next to the prince label helps the skin to show the proper currency in the price range slider.

The same goes for the Sort options.

Note, you have to click into another box (like above) to ensure jAlbum saves the values properly.