About jAlbumHow this album was made?

How this album was made?

How this album was made?

Just drag and drop a few images onto jAlbum's explore view, press Make album and you are good to go. Here are a few tricks we used in this album, which might be not self-explanatory.

1. Adding "About" page

Custom pages in jAlbum are separate pages, which can contain custom – textual or HTML – content. There are a few pre-defined pages, like About, Contact or Sitemap, which bring up a custom user interface with relevant fields, but you can also create such a page from ground, selecting "Empty page" from the menu. Use the Add page button or right-click → New page menu to add one.

2. Adding rich text

For picture comments you can use a few basic formatting, like Bold, Italic, color, and such, but for folder descriptions and custom page contents (or comments) you can enjoy a wide range of formatting options, like text alignment, lists and even images. To fire up the rich text editor move the mouse over the comment field and click the "eye icon" or right-click → Open HTML editor.

3. Importing other album's look

if you find an album whose look you want to apply to your own album, use the File → Import → Settings from Published Album. If you are satisfied with how your current album looks, and want to start new albums with these settings, use File → Save as Default.

One more tip: by switching to Details mode you get a much bigger comment area, so you can edit them comfortably.