How this album was made?

Please note, you can import the album’s settings to be used in your album with the File → Import → Settings from Published Album.... Enter the album’s URL: (This will not import sensitive data, though, like the Facebook App ID, the “custom content” or similar.)

Creating the “Preparation” image

If you want to combine text and image add them as External Content. This means the photo will be used as thumbnail, but in the lightbox it will be replaced by the custom code. You can add any HTML code here, embed code from YouTube or simply a link, so the linked page will be embedded into the lightbox.

  1. Select the image and change to Edit mode
  2. Open the External tab on the right
  3. Add the code in the box. I used this code:
  4. Specify the box size

Creating the “Ingredients” image

  1. Right-click the image and select Set Area Tags
  2. Add the areas (can be people as well) one-by-one. Add titles to areas!
  3. Make sure Settings → Tiger → Lightbox → Info panel → Show regions is ON, and you can change the button’s label here too (if you’re not tagging people for example).

Adding YouTube video

  1. Click the Share button below the video
  2. Select the required video resolution, and other options
  3. Copy/Paste the embed code the the Edit mode → External box
  4. No need to specify the Box size as the skin can read it from the pasted code